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Sheikh Saoud Bin Mohd. Bin Ali Al-Thani

Application Information for the Position of Mammal Curator Assistant 22.03.2010

Application Deadline: As soon as possible, applications accepted until 15.05.10

Proposed work start: 01.08.2010

General Information:

Located in the state of Qatar, the Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation (AWWP) is a private wildlife breeding centre. AWWP maintains around 2000 animals (800 birds, 1,100 mammals and 100 herps) of approximately 90 species. The mammal collection focuses mainly on ungulates and some cats. Many of those species are threatened (Addax, Arabian Oryx, Dama -, Spekes -, Red fronted- Soemmering’s gazelles etc., Cheethas, Somali Wild Ass) or unique in captivity (Beira Antelope, Phillips Dikdik). An international team of veterinarians, curators, biologists and keepers (43 staff)
runs the wildlife preservation. AWWP is associate member of EAZA , non-commercial and not open to the public.

Job description for the position as a Mammal Curator’s Assistant

• Assistance in all fields of curators work

• Mammal data administration and encoding

• Instructing and supervising staff

• Organising all daily routine within respective sections

• Administration of food stock and deliveries

• Administration of tool stock

• Animal breeding management

• Animal monitoring

• Keeper replacement

• Nursery work

• Enclosure maintenance, planting and design

Applicants for the position must fulfill the following requirements:

• High level capability in oral and written English

• Computer skills (Word, Excel and internet as a minimum)

• Flexibility and good organization skills

• Ability to work independently as well as within a team

• Experience in animal husbandry, nutrition, disease, ecology and behavior

• Driving license

The following experiences/skills would be beneficial for the application:

• Experience in resource management and organization

• Experience with staff management, training and communication

• Experience with record-keeping

• A conservation philosophy, flexibility in working hours and ability to work in a multi-cultural environment

• Experience in craftmans work

To acertain the suitability of your qualification and background, please answer the following questions (it’s not necessary to provide a positive answer always):

1.) Describe your previous work experience. What benefits or skills have you gained or problems you have had?

2.) Describe your experiences with mammals, including how long and which species you’ve worked with.

3.) Do you have any experience in managing antelope species?

4.) How do you describe your relation to nature and wildlife? Is it OK to keep animals in captivity? Why?

5.) Are you experienced in handling sick mammals? How do you determine if an animal is sick?

6.) What characteristics do you have which should convince us to hire you?

7.) Do you have abilities as craftsman? Are you able to handle a chain-saw for example?

8.) Do you have experience in office works, especially record keeping?

9.) Are you experienced in computer programs? If yes, in which programs?

10.) What are your professional targets and what do you expect working in Qatar?

11.) How much salary would you expect? How much salary have you got at your previous job?

Working conditions:

Accommodation is free at the preservation, television also electricity and water. Twenty eight days holiday per year, with no additional options for regular leave abroad. One paid flight-ticket to “home-airport” each year. Working hours are flexible depending on the season. We will offer a two year contract with an initial probationary period. Salary and contract will be discussed after more application details are known. Please submit your CV and your answers to the above questions. This position need to be filled with a skilled person due to the importance of successful breeding success with these highly endangered rare species.

Catrin Hammer
Curator of Mammals
Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation,
P.O. Box 44069,
State of Qatar

Fax: +974 471 8707 E-mail: awwp.mammal@alwabra.com

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