Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Aquarist and Diver


Aquarist and Diver


RedFin Aquarium Design

Hong Kong


About the job

A unique opportunity has arisen to work in one of Hong Kong largest aquariums. Your priority will be the health of aquatic animals, maintaining the appearance of the aquarium and cleanliness of the back of house areas. The position is based in Wong Chuk Hang.


Role Summary:

  • Your primary task is to maintain and clean the aquarium exhibit and quarantine systems, including:
  • Surface and dive cleaning.
  • Vacuuming, cleaning of tank or theming surfaces.
  • Your secondary tasks include the following:
  • Assist with basic husbandry duties, including:
  • Food preparation following guidelines provided by Lead Aquarist,
  • Feeding (surface and dive), and
  • Observation of animal health and condition.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of various life support systems equipment such as protein skimmers, bag filters, etc.
  • Checking of life support systems.
  • Assisting in maintenance and repair of life support systems if required.
  • Assisting in various treatment for sick animals.
  • Water quality testing using various equipment such as colorimeter and multiparameter meter.
  • Receiving incoming fish shipments.
  • Proper acclimation and introduction of animal into quarantine systems.
  • Catch and transfer of animals between exhibit and quarantine systems.
  • Maintain dive logs, risk assessments, emergency procedures, daily reports and records.
  • Maintain dive equipment and cleanliness of back of house areas.
  • Assist with procurement of dive and maintenance equipment.
  • You will report to the Lead Aquarist.


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