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RSCC is a small private facility based in Sandwich in Kent, We are looking for an enthusiastic and self motivated individual to help look after our animal collection. The Ideal candidate would be able to work alone in a quiet environment, have excellent standards of hygiene, cleanliness and records keeping and organisation and have previous experience with small carnivores or felids, or at the very least have a passionate interest in these groups. Some sound knowledge or interest in horticulture would be beneficial as gardening and grounds maintenance are an important aspect of this role.

The role will be physically demanding so any candidate must be physically fit, RSCC is not open to the general public but we hold various functions and open days each year so communication and presentation ability is important.

You would be working with Clouded Leopard, Maned Wolf, Fosa, Ring-Tailed Vontsira, Grandidier’s Vontsira, Fanaloka, Sumatran Banded Civet, Palawan Binturong, Bengal Slow Loris, False Gharial, Great Hornbill and Caribbean Flamingo.

Valid UK or EU drivers license is essential. Accommodation is not included.
Working 5 days per week, from 8am to 6pm (summer) 8am to 5pm (winter) Including bank holidays.

Start Date: As soon as possible.

Salary: £15,000 - 19,000 p/a  depending on experience.

Please send CV and covering letter to:   (please do not send my post)

Closing Date: September 8th, 2016

Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant

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