Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Supervisor of Animal training

Supervisor of Animal training

The Supervisor of Animal training performs all job assignments with a positive attitude that reflects Al Ain Zoo’s mission and vision of connecting people to wildlife and conservation. This position is required for managing the day to day aspects of the animal training, organizing public shows, educational demonstrations and staff management. Also supervises, performs a wide variety of functions in the training, handling and care of animals used for public appearances and contact, such as educational programs, animal shows. This position supervises assigned staff and provides them support and guidance in animal training procedures. This position requires knowledge of high standards of animal husbandry techniques and welfare. This position requires ability and advance knowledge for training a variety of animal species.

Key duties include but not limited to:
•        Assures animal feeding schedules and dietary requirements are met
•        Arrange / perform animal training and care programs
•        Participates in establishing and updating Standard Operating procedures
•        Work closely with animal care supervisors to establish and maintain animal training programs
•        Ensures accurate and complete records of animal activities are maintained
•        Participates in planning the developing and modifying of animal facilities

•        Makes informational presentations to the public


Muna Obaid Al Dhaheri
Chief Operations Division
Operations Department


Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant

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