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Job Description- Captive Wild Animal Management Advisor (Voluntary)

Job Title: Captive Wild Animal Management Advisor (Voluntary)

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Period: 3 – 6 months (dependent on availability)

This is a voluntary appointment. If currently employed it is to be made in agreement with your current employer entering into a partnership with the stakeholders listed below to deliver the aims of the programme. Your employer’s contribution to this programme will be your time.

Stakeholders: Hanoi Zoo, Animals Asia, Wild Welfare

Proposed start date: As available


Hanoi Zoo is a government-run zoo located in central Hanoi. Over the past three years, Wild Welfare and Animals Asia has developed a positive relationship with Hanoi Zoo and have an agreement to improve the welfare of animals kept at the Zoo. In 2016 the focus was on animal enrichment and significant improvements have already been achieved, but there is scope for much more. It is hoped that Hanoi Zoo could serve as a ‘model’ for how other collaborative relationships can be built and improvements for animals can be made, that can be used to implement management procedures that meet the needs of captive wild animals at other facilities housing wildlife throughout Vietnam.

To work as an animal management advisor at Hanoi Zoo to develop and ensure the implementation of practical and sustainable improvements in animal care through the provision of on-site training.

This is a fantastic opportunity to take forward the positive work that has already been achieved at Hanoi Zoo and utilise your existing skills in animal keeping and management in an overseas environment. You will be working with two international animal welfare organisations, of which are both supported by a wider network of animal welfare and zoological institutions. You will have autonomy over your timetable, but are expected to mainly focus your work at the zoo although may be requested to attend meetings or visit other zoos elsewhere within Vietnam on request of the supporting institutions.

To work in collaboration with the staff at Hanoi Zoo, with support from Animals Asia and Wild Welfare*, to:

Review existing animal management and husbandry protocols.
Continue the work of previous ‘Captive Wild Animal Management Experts’ to develop improved animal management and husbandry protocols using a participatory approach; including enrichment calendars, feeding calendars to ensure varied and appropriate/ adequate diets for the various species, etc.
Provide staff training on animal management and husbandry to improve captive animal welfare;
Ensure agreed changes are understood by the staff and can be implemented beyond the scope of the programme.
Advise on how modifications to existing buildings/ cages can be made inexpensively/ how existing buildings can be best used to improve the welfare of the animals housed within them.
Support zoo senior management and AAF and WW in the development of a suitable master plan for the facility.
*Animal Asia has an office in Vietnam and can support with initial settling in and translation. Both AAF and Wild Welfare send international staff to Vietnam throughout the year that can provide both logistical and online support.

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Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant

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