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Animal Keeper Internships

Animal Keeper Internships
Howletts - All Sections

At Howletts Wild Animal Park, situated near Canterbury in Kent, we have internship placements available on the Carnivore, Elephant, Gorilla, Hoofstock and Primate sections.

These placements are an excellent opportunity for you to shadow our keepers and to learn all aspects of animal husbandry. They will provide comprehensive practical training and significant insight into a successful and responsible zoological collection, with the goal of promoting your future employability in a career in animal husbandry.

Carnivores This section consist of a wide range of species from Honey badgers to Sumatran tigers and contributes to the breeding programmes of species such as Asian wild dogs and Clouded leopards. The individual will be taught different carnivore husbandry techniques and butchery.

Elephants Howletts is home to the largest breeding herd of African elephants in the UK.
The individual will be taught husbandry techniques, as well as the opportunity to operate vehicles such as tractors and dumper trucks, therefore a full manual driving licence will be an advantage.

Gorillas This section is home to the largest captive breeding group of Western Lowland Gorillas in the world with over 135 births to date. You will gain vital knowledge and experience into the husbandry, diets, behaviours and conservation of these majestic animals.

Hoofstock – Home to a collection of rare and endangered hoofstock, including Black Rhino, European Bison, and Bongo Antelope to name a few. The individual will be taught different hoofstock husbandry techniques for a wide range of species and knowledge about the conservation issues facing these species.

Primate - Howletts are home to a collection of rare and endangered primates, including Javan gibbons, Dusky langurs, Sulawesi macaques, Pied tamarins and Gelada baboons to name a few. The individual will be taught different primate husbandry techniques and contribute to the enrichment of the section.

These placements will be ideal for individuals already studying or have recently finished an animal related course and are looking to gain experience in the zoo industry. These positions can be physically demanding so will need to have a good level of physical fitness, be happy working at height and comfortable with heavy lifting.

We are looking for a commitment of 3-5 days a week for 4-12 months for these internships.

As we are a Registered Charity, funded entirely by visitor fees and donations, we regret we are unable to offer any wages, salary or accommodation for these placements. We will provide a full uniform. Candidates will need to have the ability to financially support themselves for the entire length of the internship.

Closing date for Applications:  Friday 22 June 2018

To apply: Please email your CV and covering letter, specifying the department you would like to work with, to April Hall:

Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant

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