Friday, May 20, 2016

Lead Aquarist

Lead  Aquarist 

Reports to:  Executive Director of Cook Museum of Natural Science

Occupational Summary
                                                                                                                                                             The Lead Aquarist oversees and participates in the husbandry of the aquatic specimens, including the maintenance and re-stocking of their exhibits. Duties include maintaining closed aquatic systems, preventive health care and the identification of disease; understanding all areas of the animal care facility with the ability to cover all of the aquatic animal areas. They will demonstrates a high level of self-direction.  Work also involves initiating and implementing specific husbandry related projects that may be conducted in the museum or in the field.  Must have working knowledge of Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) aquatic care standards and requirements. Must have working knowledge of US Fish and Wildlife/Federal Permit Requirements for Endangered Green Sea Turtles.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
•        Participates in assigned husbandry duties, i.e. maintenance of assigned exhibits, diet preparation, feeding, monitoring animal health and maintenance of backup areas
•        Routinely dive exhibits to provide proper animal care and ensure exhibit quality is maintained
•        Maintains appropriate records
•        Involved in breeding and/or culture of animals or food sources in our collection
•        Initiates and/or assists in the upgrade of exhibits and maintains exhibit stock through ordering
•        Performs work in a manner that fosters the museum’s mission and reflects its core values and service standards
•        Follows AZA and US Fish and Wildlife/Federal permit husbandry guidelines for all aspects of animal care
•        Works with the Director of Exhibits and Visitor Experience with relation to the exhibit components of the Ocean exhibit and the Rivers and Streams exhibit.
•        Works with the Collections Manager with regard to the live animal collections software/database and record keeping.

Other Duties and Responsibilities
•        Assists in upgrade of existing exhibits
•        Assists in development of projects at the museum and in the field
•        Supervises and trains other aquarist staff, volunteers and interns
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required
•        Minimum of three years of experience at the aquarist II level or minimum five years, if comparable experience, outside the aquarium field
•        Demonstrated expertise in a biological grouping or some similar specialty related to the position
•        Performs work as a team player and provides a positive leadership role for peers, colleagues, interns and volunteers
•        Knowledge of salt water ichthyofaunal
•        Able to work well with others and be a team player
•        Good communication skills
•        Good computer skills
•        Ability to use a variety of hand and power tools
•        Ability to Scuba dive
•        Ability to administer CPR, first aid and DAN O2
•        Understand water chemistry
•        Working knowledge of aquarium LSS components and maintenance
•        Assess turtle, fish and invertebrate health
•        Disease treatment of marine organisms
•        Basic plumbing skills
•        Understanding of biological, mechanical and chemical filtration
•        Needs hands on experience with maintenance and care of sea turtles
•        Needs hands on experience with maintenance and care of jelly fish

Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
•        Knowledge and experience with AZA aquatic care standards
•        Knowledge of US Fish and Wildlife/Federal Permit requirements for Endangered Green Sea Turtles
•        Knowledge of Animal Care software such as ZIMS, Tracks, or Animal Care.
•        Published an aquarium related technical or scientific paper
•        Completed at least one project aimed at bettering the status of the living collection and produced a written report on same
•        Significant participation in at least one major exhibit change or upgrade
•        Demonstrated ability to engage in public speaking, such as educational programs, members programs, etc.

Educational/Experience Requirements
•        Bachelor’s degree in biology, ichthyology, or zoology: or the equivalent to a degree in experience in a related field
•         Minimum of five years’ experience in a related field

License or Certification Required
•        SCUBA certification
•        Driver’s License

•        Part time animal care/husbandry specialists
•        Animal care/husbandry interns
•        Animal care/husbandry volunteers

Working Conditions
•        Normal office environment
•        Frequent wet and slippery surroundings
•        Frequent hot or cold settings
•        Frequent exposure to fumes, smoke, odors, etc.

Physical Demands
•        Able to lift 50 lbs. to shoulder height
•        Transporting organisms, materials, buckets, etc. throughout the museum premises
•        Able to physically access the uniquely challenging exhibit and service areas to which assigned
•        Some climbing ladders
•        Working in cramped and awkward spaces requiring crouching or crawling

Time Commitments:
•        Weekly schedule is Tuesday through Saturday, but hours can vary
•        Willingness to adjust hours to accommodate the needs of the job
•        Possible nights and weekends
•        Must be available for special events and training

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