Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Animal Keeper

Animal Keeper 

Animal Keeper - Extended Work Experience Placement at Woburn Safari Park To Suit Individuals Seeking An Industrial Year Placement

Purpose of placement:
To enable individuals to gain husbandry skills and experience with a range of animals through working alongside the experienced animal keeping team at Woburn, who provide their animals with an exceptional level of care.

Placements available in the following areas:

Africa section-this area houses White Rhino, a range of antelopes, giraffe, monkeys, zebra, ostrich and camels

Lion Park-this section cares for lions, bears, wolves and tigers

Animal Encounters-this area gives the opportunity to work with small primates, birds, reptiles, meerkats, mongoose, wallabies

Elephant section- working with Asian Elephants (this does not involve handling elephants directly)

Key tasks:
•        Animal husbandry including mucking out, preparation and giving of food, provision of enrichment, maintenance and presentation of houses and enclosures.

•        Interaction with guests through manning enclosures or patrolling sections

•        Ensuring that correct safety regulations are followed at all times

Experience/Learning opportunities
•        Hands on experience in the husbandry of exotic animals
•        Knowledge of the management of captive exotic animals
•        Experience of customer service
•        Experience of visitor education

Research opportunity
There is scope to carry out a research project as part of this role. Any research projects must follow Woburn Safari Park ethical and research guidelines and a separate research proposal must be submitted and approved before any research can take place.

The successful person should have the following:
•        Previous experience of working with animals – does not need to be with exotic animals
•        Good communication skills
•        Flexibility with working patterns
•        Understanding and appreciation of health and safety
•        Strong interest in animal management and conservation
•        Hard working and able to carry out physically demanding tasks

This is a voluntary placement, with no payment offered, for a maximum period of a year. Candidates will need to have the ability to financially support themselves for the entire length of the placement.

We are looking for candidates who are willing and able to commit up to 12 months and available to work 5 days per week, which will include some weekends. Regrettably we are unable to offer accommodation.  Please note there is no public transport to the Park.

To apply, please send your CV and covering letter to Adele Clegg, Head of Learning at adele.clegg@woburn.co.uk 

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