Monday, June 13, 2016

Keeper, Herpetology Department

Keeper, Herpetology Department

For its world-renowned Herpetology Department, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is looking for a Keeper with an understanding of the role and function of a modern zoological collection and in-situ conservation programmes.

Responsibilities will include the daily husbandry of a diverse collection and associated invertebrate food colonies in conjunction with the other section staff, detailed record keeping, research, training of visiting students, behind the scenes tours and participation in wider herpetological and zoo activities as required.

It is desired that applicants have proven experience in the successful husbandry and breeding of a variety of amphibian and reptile species (in other zoos, museums, universities, private collections, etc.). The successful candidate will be diligent and passionate with good knowledge of biology, ecology and captive requirements of the taxa for which this post is responsible. A logical, precise and consistent approach to animal keeping is required as is competency with standard computer software.
Good written and verbal communication skills and considerable interpersonal skills are essential as the position involves interaction not just with colleagues but also students, visitors and on occasion the media. The successful applicant will be a strong team player able to maintain a high work rate, high levels of cleanliness and an organised work environment.

To apply for this position please send your updated CV, completed application form and cover letter to

Closing date for applications:  Friday 17th June 2016

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