Friday, January 20, 2017

Assistant Trainer to Trainer

Assistant Trainer to Trainer

Job Title: Assistant Trainer to Trainer
Status: Full Time, Hourly (40 hours)
Number of Positions: 1
Classification: Non-Exempt
Reports to: Curator of Animal Care
Posting Deadline: February 17, 2017

This position is responsible for assisting with the daily care and behavioral conditioning of the marine mammal collection, including California sea lions and harbor seals. The Assistant Trainer’s primary objective and responsibility is to provide support to senior training staff and to play supportive roles in public shows,
presentations, and feedings. The ideal candidate will be considered for promotion to Trainer within six months of employment.

Essential Responsibilities
· Assists in the daily care and behavioral conditioning of the marine mammal collection
· Assist senior staff, under close supervision, with the progression of animal training goals and standards
· Able to identify all animals in the marine mammal collection, and observe any possible abnormalities
· Possess a strong knowledge of marine mammal history, individual animal histories and husbandry
· Maintains established criteria for all existing behaviors with the entire marine mammal collection
· Maintains a high level of showmanship while performing supportive roles in daily shows and presentations
· Guide participants through animal encounter and interaction programs
· Plan and direct volunteers and interns in primary areas of responsibility
· Uphold USDA standards in all areas of operation including fish kitchen, animal areas, laboratory, freezers/coolers and medical facilities
· Perform basic water quality and life support procedures on marine mammal pools

Requested Requirements
· Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age
· Must be SCUBA certified through an accredited diving agency
· College degree in biology, psychology or related science
· Minimum of 1-2 years of paid experience working with marine mammals
· Must be able to demonstrate a proficiency in public speaking and guest interaction
· Must be able to work on a team, as well as function individually with little supervision when necessary
· Must be able to lift and carry fifty (50) pounds, work on un-even and slippery surfaces, withstand temperatures of hot and cold, and sit/stand for long periods of time when necessary
· Must be able to pass department swim test, including microphone test

To Apply
Please send resume and cover letter to no later than February 17, 2017. Be sure to include Assistant Trainer to Trainer in the subject line of any correspondences.

Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant

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