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Zoological Director

Zoological Director

Deadline for applications: As soon as possible

General Information:
Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation (AWWP) is located in Al Shahaniya, State of Qatar. It is a breeding centre for highly endangered animals and not opened to the public. Currently it houses about 2.000 animals of 87 different species, some of them are very rare or endangered like blue macaws, black cockatoos, and birds-of-paradise, Gerenuk, Red-fronted, Speke’s Gazelles, Sand cats and Cheetahs. An international team of veterinarians, curators, biologists and keepers (around 50 staff) runs the animal portion of the preservation.

General Job Description for the Zoological Director:
-        Full responsibility for the overall coordination and management of the work of the animal departments (bird/ mammal/ veterinary department) within AWWP, for the animal management of the collection complying with international rules of husbandry in wild and exotic animals (EAZA/WAZA/AZAA) with a special focus on species solely in captivity at AWWP and for organization of animal stock list program (ZIMS), scientific data collection, animal feed and medicine supply
-        Work under the Owners and report to them regularly and comprehensively
-        Liaise and oversee the other departments working under directive of the Owners, i.e. the conservation, public relation, construction, maintenance and gardening department to keep a good flow of interacting work between divisions
-        Prepare your department budgets and know how to work within budget constraints
-        Preparation and contribution to plans for the enhancement of captive conditions after consultation with the respective departments and responsible staff
-        Propose changes in structure of enclosures/ breeding groups, based on the existing experiences and data but also the newest scientific information available
-        Representation of AWWP locally and internationally, facilitation of the tasks by the public relation/ conservation department to link up with other institutions
-        Coordination of scientific projects/ publications
-        Guide and facilitate visitors and enable staff to demonstrate the achievements at AWWP to visitors as recommended specially by the Owners

The successful candidate must fulfill the following requirements:
-        Have an internationally recognised higher degree in Biology/ Zoology/ Veterinary Medicine, minimum Masters level, preferably PhD.
-        Be preferably an English native speaker, and/or having excellent communication skills in written and oral English, complete PC literate with knowledge about the most common used software in administrations of zoological collections
-        Have a minimum age of 35; be in a personally independent situation; bring the abilities and willingness to travel if needed, also to remote places; be in the possession of a clear international driving license
-        Have a proven minimum of five years’ experience in running a good reputable zoological collection as a Director or in a similarly responsible Senior Management position, including the role of administrating the institutions budget
-        Bring the ability to permanently motivate people in a multinational/-ethnic team; willingness to work over time when needed and under time pressure constraints, to meet deadlines and develop trust and partnership with all other sectors and departments in AWWP

Additionally beneficial for the successful candidate: 
-        Having membership in zoological organisation (EAZA/WAZA/AZA) and proven record of active work in such an organisation.
-        Long career in zoological collections, ideally in different continents; proven records of special achievements (e.g. first ever breeding; design and building of animal enclosures etc.)
-        List of publications and printed work showing past involvement in zoological work, captive breeding, zoo administration or conservation projects and initiatives
-        Lived abroad for at least one year or preferably longer.
-        Full health certificates, including valid immunisations.
-        Any working experience in the Middle East is an added advantage.

The candidate must name three references with information of telephone and Email addresses, allowing AWWP to contact them with further inquiries if desired. The references have to be related to the candidates past work in zoological collections or with clear relevance for the possible future work as a Zoological Director at AWWP.

Working conditions:
The Zoological Director will be based with all the team in AWWP, State of Qatar. AWWP has existing office space, all technical support, a running facility with well trained staff with adequate resources to fulfil all tasks. Free first class accommodation within AWWP will be provided with a monthly salary based on above experience (negotiable) and a company car for personal use. 1 month holidays with one return paid ticket home for you, your wife and up to 2 children is granted by AWWP. 
The work will be with a probation period of six months, included into the two-year contract for the appropriate candidate. The contract is continually renewed every 2 years till one or both parties wish it to end.

 Please submit your application to:

Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant

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